Business Solutions

EEI is proud of its flexibility in providing business solutions.

We have production teams that can come to your site, or we can bring your product to our production facilities. Our experienced teams provide quality-controlled work solutions. By partnering with EEI, your business will reduce and control operating costs, enhance production flexibility to meet market fluctuations, increase capacity, accelerate time-to-market, receive accurate quality-controlled products and services, receive guaranteed on-time delivery of your products, and increase your competitive profile. Services we provide:

Packaging of products

Promotional packaging

Electronic component packaging



We have supervised work crews offering:

Professional cleaning

Food service and hospitality

Office/clerical support

Retail merchandising, shelf cleaning, stocking

Product fulfillment

We are a community recycler for:

Office paper



Aluminum, tin, and glass

We provide secure confidential document destruction for:



For more information and/or a job quote, contact Mary Witucki at (320) 639-2434 or

  • We will arrange a visit to your facility and evaluate services or employment needs.
  • When it has been determined that we can fill your needs, we will calculate a bid for services. All bids are competitive and prorated according to your specific requirements.
  • Choose a start date. We will prepare a Job Coach and assemble a team to begin work when you need it.