Who We Are

Employment Enterprises, Inc., is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization providing career development and employment for disabled individuals. We have an enthusiastic and talented workforce ready to be your solution to business challenges in production, staffing, office support, recycling, and in other ways we may not have previously considered.

Established in 1970, Employment Enterprises, Inc., (EEI) is licensed by the Department of Human Services to provide training, employment, and support to individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses. EEI works to provide meaningful employment for individuals at competitive wages with a goal that they become fully integrated employees at local businesses.

EEI operates from a 9,600-square-foot facility on the west side of Little Falls, where much of the job training takes place. Here, EEI runs a recycling center where consumers process recyclables, bale cardboard, shred documents, etc. EEI also contracts with local businesses to provide cleaning services, light assembly, and packaging.


We serve approximately 130 individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or mental illnesses.

Community Support 

The success of EEI and, in turn, the people we serve depends on our relationships with local businesses. While we often fill a void in employment, we bring challenges into the workplace with the level of ability of our consumers. We have a reputation of bringing people with disabilities into a new work environment and helping them develop new skills and confidence in job performance. Our programming and the services we provide speak to the dignity and respect we have for our consumers. Our goal is to help them achieve personal successes and become contributing members of society.

Beyond support from local businesses and work sites, we have received many donations from supporters and families of our consumers along with grants from the Initiative Foundation, CentraCare Health Foundation, Crow Wing Power, Minnesota Power, The Franciscan Sisters, Benton Telecommunications, the Laura Jane Musser Fund, and United Way.